Week 3 – Race

This subject is something I am very passionate about.  I understand that some people are uncomfortable talking about it, as I am at times.  

The few pages that we read from the book, A History of Education, were very interesting.  Race in this text was more about where the people came from, their way of life then their cultural learnings or skin color.  You were either white or a race.  Race wasn’t even a question of identity.  Race separates people and highlights their differences.  Race is always negative in relation to the west.  Race is most definitely a stereotype and gives excuses for peoples flaws.

I believe when it is said that teachers are being taught to think racial terms that it depends what race the children are.  This gives teachers the illusion that the child will only amount to so much because of their race.  I find this difficult to even think of as a future teacher.  I believe that every student I will teach should have the same opportunities and respect given to them no matter what ‘race’ they are.

The effects of teaching teachers to think in this way are completely negative.  Students who are dictated over show little progress.  This type of education prepares its subjects for their place in the established order of things in society.  It does not give the students opportunity to grow and learn together as equals.  

I actually enjoy being taught about race.  I personally think it is about time.  As someone who has bi-racial children I think it is important for people to think critically about the subject.  You have to teach students that you can’t stereotype someone with first impressions on skin or hair colour.  

Society as a whole has come a long way.  Unfortunately, we need help open the minds of our students to keep this positive change growing forward.  What would happen if we categorized people by their eye colour?  I saw an old documentary on this by Jane Elliott, 

I plan to actually try this with my students.   It is a must see if you are going to become a teacher, I feel.

We as teachers need to do our part in trying to make racism a thing of the past.  

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