Week 7 – Autobiography

The hidden messages that are apparent to me now and that I left out of my autobiography are the fact that I am white, a woman, and the fact that I am a heterosexual.  I believe one of the reasons I maybe didn’t put this in is because I had already met the person who was planning on reading my autobiography.  Possibly assuming Audrey would know I was white, a woman and somehow through the introduction to the class would know I was a heterosexual.  In saying this I do realize that just because I have said I am married with 4 children does not mean that I am a heterosexual.  

Even though these are personal autobiographies I challenge the comfortability of someone who is possibly dealing with identifying if they are male or female and why society has the ‘need to know’.  I took a human sexuality class last winter and we spoke about this during class and even had someone who came in and spoke to us about their own personal experience.  This really opened my eyes to the awareness of how these people struggle on a daily basis just to conform to society ideals.  Something as simple as choosing which washroom to use that day is a big deal for them.  

Others may not have written about their race because they are the minority in the class, yet fit in with the majority because they don’t ‘look’ like the race they are from.  We see this in society with people who have light skin, hair and eyes but actually are First Nation descent.  They conform to the majority group because they want to be accepted.

I do understand what Kumashiro is saying in examining our lessons and how we view things and the political implications of doing this and ways that we can change what we obviously are taking for granted.

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One Response to Week 7 – Autobiography

  1. cripps03 says:

    Wonderful points. I agree that perhaps the reason I wrote my autobiography with leaving out those details is because people already knew me on the outside (seeing me and assumed I was white, middle class etc) and I chose to write my autobiography on what they may not have known about me on the inside, like my past experiences and personal journey to becoming a teacher. Do we have to address these parts of our identity with many assignments like this, or can we accept that we are who we are without having to say it out loud or in writing? What about putting it in writing, or talking about it, makes it so much more important to recognize?
    I like your point about examining our lessons for these hidden implications as well- what a concept. If these “issues” don’t show up in something like an autobiography…where else are they hidden?

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