Week 8

Don’t get me wrong I think technology is a wonderful tool.  We have at our fingertips each day an unlimited amount of resources.  I do think that this comes at a price to society especially our children.  I am a Health major and I believe that the amount of ‘technological’ time our students are allowed is way to much.  In a way I think that this in itself is anti-oppressive education because as educators we are allowing it to happen in our classrooms.  I am in no way arguing against the benefits of technology, rather, I am trying to bring to light the amount of inactivity our children are receiving.  I know computers are the future.  I get that, but so is our students health.  They are our future to.  

As far as computers go I think the first thing to notice is that a Grade 1 student could quite possibly have more computer skills then myself.  I actually did my first tweet tonight with the help of my children.  I still am a little unsure as to what exactly I did but they were super proud of me so it can’t be all that bad!  I know I need to step up my technological skills before I enter the classroom.  As we step into the schools we need to be aware of the social media networks these kids are using.  Why?  Because it is a major part of their life right now and if we have any hope of trying to understand them, we need to understand these networks that they are on for probably 75% of their day.  By doing this we can engage at their level. We can understand the tools they require to learn and build a relationship that is needed between a teacher and student in order for both of them to succeed individually.

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10 Responses to Week 8

  1. kalika2k says:

    I completely agree with what you have mentioned, but, I also think that having the students being subjected to technology of almost every second of every day of their lives also exposes them to the negative aspects of it. For example, children may be on Facebook or twitter and they may see a racial slur or something along those lines. So I think that it is up to us as future educators to make our students aware of these problems and help them to approach them with caution.

  2. ready11j says:

    I agree that children are potentially using the benefits of technology too much and could become a serious health concern. Technology makes our lives so easy to be able to do everything by the touch of your fingers and not having to get up from the couch. I myself need to up my computer knowledge I understand where you are coming from! It is a whole new world and I think it is important if we are to have the unlimited amount of knowledge technology brings to our classroom we need to teach students how to use it appropriately and not let it consume 75% of their lives.

  3. webb111r says:

    Great observation of the declining Health conditions of children. This is a huge concern! Also, I think some students already have the skills. I learned to type before school, and was forced to relearn even though I did it right. Now-a-days teachers who are not as technologically literate as their students are attempting to teach what they don’t know. This not only takes away some of the power from a teacher, but also makes me wonder if the teaching profession is a dying trend. Will I even be needed in the future with things like khanacademy?

  4. jgrebinsky says:

    I could not agree more with the two major points you made in your blog, Cindy. First of all, I do agree that technology is relied on far too much. It is common to see technology being used in health and physical education, which is not a bad thing, but it has made students be less active because they want to spend all of their time online. Maybe that is just my opinion though? As a health major I think it is important to promote a healthy lifestyle, and part of this is spending less time online. A part of this is also building relationships. Technology makes it possible to communicate with people all around the world, but it does limit the interactions we have face to face. I think park of being a health educator will be teaching the importance of building those real life relationships, and having social skills.

    The second point I agree with is stepping up in the world of technology. Thanks to a class I took, ECMP 355, I was able to learn many tech tools I would have never thought of. I do think it is important to keep learning and try to stay on top of what is being used so that I can use it, but so also I know what my students have access too.

    Good for you for making your first tweet, it is a big step in the direction of using technology! Keep it up!

  5. aves1993 says:

    Being a Physical Education major, I do have some major concerns towards technology within my classroom aka the gym and the out of doors. I am a very big believer in out doors education, and being able to survive without technology. Yes it is where the future is headed but it is also important to understand basic things such as how to use a compass, north and south, first aid, and many more skills that are not taught though technology to get a proper understanding.

    • webb111r says:

      I totally agree. It isn’t even just outdoors. I think about friends of mine who need to use google maps to find a street that is two down from them. Those friends have been to that street hundreds of time. Do we not commit anything to memory anymore?

  6. webb111r says:

    I wonder if maybe rather than teaching technology we just allow students to use it while exploring other things. Like the video of the girl that was shown in class. She tried getting her Biology project peer-reviewed. I am sure she knew these skills before she even did the project.

  7. webb111r says:

    Side note: there are a lot of people in the class typing right now. I have no idea what blog they are on. I would like to read what they are writing. But, I can’t find it. I think this is a hindrance of technology. It is often to wide open, and it is difficult to find what you want.

  8. I am a Music (voice) major and I would say that I am 50/50 with the idea of technology in my classroom. I would love to use technology in a music class firstly because there is so much that can be done in music through technology. Today a lot of music is made by using technology, things like i-pad orchestras and audio tuning. These are things that a lot of young people can relate to when they think of music. Using technology in music takes a lot of skill, editing and practice, it would be a very creative project for students to do in a music class. On the other hand, I believe that technology could take away from the art of music. When you use technology it takes the practice and the learning out of everything (in relation to music). For example, instead of taking the hour that you would spend on practicing piano, guitar, voice or learning a Brahms Requiem in orchestra, you can simply press one button and in 10 minutes have all of that. I think that we as teachers need to help find a happy and healthy medium between using technology and not using technology in our classrooms.

  9. shermartin says:

    As a fellow health major, I agree with the comment, “the amount of ‘technological’ time our students are allowed is way to much.” That is the teachers decision to decide when and how they want to use technology. I think social media is a fabulous teacher resource because it allows communication amongst other educators and they can stay up to date on the trends of the internet. We have to know that technology is indeed the future, so we have to teach appropriate internet use. A point people bring up is socioeconomic issues that may limit a students technology use. When a student doesn’t have access to the internet or technology at home, then we need to teach them how to use it properly at school, or else they are ages behind when they finally get access or enter the work force.

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