Freshing up the Blog

I may have to watch the session with Sue again!!  I added my about page and put a teacher profile page/category which I will update as I move along.  I am trying desperately to catch up but my computer skills and knowledge are still making it difficult.  I have commented on 10 blogs and have done 10 tech surveys.  I have seen some great looking blogs as I now have the knowledge through feedly to be able to do this.  Baby steps are what is keeping me going!!  My learning curve isn’t really a curve right now, it is more a rocket heading to space!!!

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2 Responses to Freshing up the Blog

  1. I appreciate your resiliency.

  2. Sam says:

    I also feel like whenever I’m starting to the hang of blogging, I learn something new and want to use that on my blog and have to make a lot of adjustments again! However, it is good that we are learning now, in a safe environment, as students- rather than trying to figure it all out by ourselves with our own class, as a teacher. Thanks for sharing!

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