Adding to my Personal Learning Network (PLN)

I must admit I am a little nervous at adding people to my ‘circle of trust’, especially when it comes to a computer network!  However, I am very open to meeting people who can help me as I come into my teaching career.  I have noticed in the last semester the great resources and networks that teachers have at their finger tips via the internet.  I want to grow my personal learning network to enhance my knowledge and that of my future students.

1.  Sue Waters

I added Sue on and  After meeting Sue in one of the recordings I knew that she was so knowledgeable about items that I was completely lost in.  Her experience and willingness to help is what really made me feel that if I was having problems with my ‘new’ blog, she would be willing to help me out.

2.  Alec Couros

I added Alec, because I have heard so many good things about him from some of my fellow classmates.  I also spoke with Alec about 2 weeks into the course about finding a tutor to help me in this class.  He reassured me to keep going and communicate with Dean about any struggles I may have.  His advice is working as I am slowly understanding what I am to be doing.

3.  Shelly Sanchez Terrell

I added Shelly on my Facebook page, The 30 Goals Challenge for Educators.  I really liked Shelly when we met her in our recordings.  I also added her because I know how to use Facebook and can access her page quickly if I am ever looking for a resource.

4.  Brian Lewis

I added Brian, @gymovers because I had him as a professor last semester.  I am a Health major and his resources will help me in the classroom.  Although I am still a little shaky on Twitter, Brian encouraged us all to embrace technology because we will be using it in the classroom.

5.  Katia Hildebrandt

I added Katia in my google plus community.  Not sure if there is a link for this.  Katia is one of my professors this semester, and if it wasn’t for her helping me in the early beginnings of this class I may not have kept on.  She took a few minutes of her time after my class with her to help me with my blog and saved me hours of frustration.  Katia also encourages us to use our blogs as we go into our teaching careers.  I know as a student, if I need help with my computer problems, I can ask her.  This is how I want my students to feel with me, definitely a teachable moment involving 2 separate classes that are making a difference in my semester.

I also added to my personal learning network,

George Couros       

Brandon Wislocki           @octechnet

Added to my google plus:  Kate Baker, Lusia Kirk, Ashley Grandfield, Nate Polsfut, Megan Seymour, Sue Waters, Dean Shareski

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2 Responses to Adding to my Personal Learning Network (PLN)

  1. brookeplant says:

    Thanks for these! I will have to check them out. I also had Brian Lewis last year and he is so helpful! He always has useful resources and comments via twitter!

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