Getting education right in New Zealand

I peeked in on Ashley’s blog as I was randomly picking my 5 blogs for the tech task this week.  I sure am glad I decided to read her blog about a presentation she had been to by, Don Rempel, who is the superintendent of the North East School Division.  Don spoke about the initiatives that were helping the Maori people of New Zealand in regards to education.  There was a 5 year plan implemented into the schools that focused to change the way the teachers interacted with the students, with a focus on the Maori students.  The results were pretty amazing, not only for the Maori students, but for all the students.  Teachers were focusing more on the needs of the  student first, and then the curriculum.  I totally agree with this approach.  As a future teacher I want the best for my students.  I want them to be happy and have fun at school, they will keep coming back if they are!!  I believe that Canada should take a look how New Zealand implemented this into their schools and use that with First Nation students in the schools here.  I really like the idea of of focusing on the students we can make a difference in their lives and allow their dreams and hopes to be equally important as the student in the next desk beside them, regardless of race, ethnicity or culture.

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2 Responses to Getting education right in New Zealand

  1. Thanks for the pingback Cindy. I’m glad you found it interesting.

    • Cindy Bear says:

      Yes, it was interesting. Sorry I thought I tagged you, not sure what a pingback is though!!! Is that the same thing? I wasn’t sure how to link something until today, I finally asked someone!!

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