Pre-internship Goals

I am so excited to start my pre-internship next week.  I am doing my pre-internship close to home, so I don’t have to commute every week to Regina.  My kids are super happy to have me home and I am pretty sure my husband is to as the house needs a little TLC.  The goals I have chosen for my pre-internship are goals that I feel will not only help myself as a teacher but I am hoping will help the students I teach.

Goal #1  Engage all students in the classroom

I have been in a few classrooms in the last year for other classes and have observed teachers not even make an attempt to engage some students.  Witnessing this is hard enough, not having a voice to say anything to the teacher because I am only a ‘university student’ was a game changer for me as a future teacher.  I may not be able to speak with every student in every class of every day, but I will not allow a student to sit there unengaged for an entire 50 minutes of my lesson.  I will not allow it, and I sure won’t pretend that I didn’t notice it.  During my lessons, one of my targets will be to walk around the classroom during the lesson and engage with students.  If I am lecturing or we are having a class discussion I will make an effort to ask questions of all students, not just the students that put their hands up.  I will be giving my co-operating teacher a checklist of the specific targets I am trying to hit for each lesson.

Goal #2  Classroom management

I believe that effective classroom management can help a teacher in running an efficient classroom environment.  Establishing rules with the students, having a routine and a safe classroom environment are very important in the classroom.  This may be hard to establish in only three weeks of pre-internship but I feel that I will need the respect of the students for the time I am there.  During my time in the classroom I will have the students explain the classroom rules and routines that are already established in the class with the teacher.  We will also discuss a safe classroom environment.  I will already have asked the teacher about these issues but I want to hear the rules from the students.  This will be a refresher for them and also a reminder to them that I would like the same rules applied to myself when I am in the classroom teaching.  My target for each lesson I teach will be to recognize and implement the classroom rules, to deal with any situations that arise, and respect those rules of the class in keeping a safe environment for all students.  This is more of a general target for my entire pre-internship, but I will have classroom management on each lesson plan that I do which remind myself of the classroom rules and I will ask the co-operating teacher weekly how I am managing.

Goal #3  Different teaching strategies in lessons

Today’s students are no different than students from 20 years ago.  They all learn in different ways and have different interests.  As a future teacher I recognize this and feel that I need to teach in different ways to accommodate the various learning styles I may have in my classroom.  During my pre-internship I will try a variety of teaching strategies and techniques.  For example, I will use videos, partner work (think-pair-share), group work/discussions, class discussions, KWL charts, research activities using computers, lectures and small skits in class.  I will reach this goal through the lessons that I make for the variety of classes I will teach.

The indicators I will use will be on the target sheets I give to my co-operating teacher for every lesson.

Looking forward to the next 3 weeks!

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12 Responses to Pre-internship Goals

  1. brookeplant says:

    Pre-Internship is a fun learning experience! Good luck in your three week block!

  2. Sam says:

    Hey Cindy,
    How exciting to be starting your pre-internship! think that the goals you have posted are great things to work on- these are things that teachers continue to work on their entire careers. I belive having this community of colleagues would’ve been very beneficial during my internship- it is a great place to turn to for advice or support. Let us know if we can ever help. All the best to you in your block!

  3. Great goals, Cindy, and it’s great to see that you are getting some traffic on your blog! I love how your final goal involves differentiation – make sure you are differentiating the product too, not just the process. For instance, if you give an assignment, perhaps offer students multiple ways to demonstrate that knowledge (by using a choice board for example). Good luck!

  4. lusiakurk says:

    I think you are going to be a good teacher.

  5. Sarah Buchko says:

    Good luck Cindy. I think you have some really great goals that will help you through pre-internship. If you keep them in mind then you will do great! Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need it.

  6. Lindsay Greve says:

    Good luck with pre-internship and have fun! I learned so much during my pre-internship one of the most significant things was differentiation which you have set as one of your goals. Take time to visit other classrooms and see what other teachers are doing. Looking forward to a few posts about your experiences.

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