I survived…….my first week of pre-internship!

Wow, did that week ever go by fast!!  In fact, I think I may have missed a couple days this week!  I am totally enjoying my time in the school and getting to know the daily routines and the students.  I do feel a little overwhelmed with the content of all the subjects, but I believe that is maybe because I am jumping in mid-semester and trying to understand where the students are in their learning and what they are working on.  

I met my advisor, Les Robinson, on Wednesday and had a great visit with him.  My co-op teacher has been giving me some great feedback on my lessons as well as my targets I have set.  The students went skiing on Thursday.  The ski trip had been cancelled from one of the cold days we had last month.  I went along with the school and skied with the students.  I did manage to help a few students out with their skiing because I used to be a ski instructor, but I wasn’t to sure how I was going to write that up into a lesson.  I had a blast with the students and the weather was perfect for skiing that day.  Friday was a scheduled teacher PD day.  We spent the day going over treaties in the classroom.  This was a little bit of a refresher for me because of the treaties in the classroom workshop we had at the beginning of January.  It was great to see other teachers and contribute to the conversations about what is being taught at the University level right now. 

I am moving over to a science/math co-op teacher for this week, so I am going to have my work cut out for me.  I have learned quite quickly that as a teacher in a rural area, the more experience you can have in a variety of subjects, the better.  They may have to send me down to the elementary side for a quick refresher of my math skills.  

I do want to mention how much I absolutely love being around the students.  I do know a few of the students because the school is close to home, but I am also trying to connect with the students that I don’t know.  I feel this is very important if I am going to gain their respect in the next couple weeks.  My co-op teacher last week had no prep time and was on supervision every day last week.  The days went by so quickly.  I remembered on one of the days as the students were boarding the busses to go home that I had forgot to eat.  I also had to have a couple quick naps when I got home from the school.  I am looking forward to exceeding the target goals I have set and surviving week #2.  Wish me luck!!  Good luck to all my colleagues as well.

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5 Responses to I survived…….my first week of pre-internship!

  1. Sam says:

    Great job so far- sounds like you are really putting a lot of effort into your pre-internship. I definitely agree that is overwhelming just popping into a classroom midway through the semester without knowing the kids, teacher and what they have been learning. However, just remember that nobody expects you to be perfect and their a lot of people (ie. co-op teacher, adviser, and our ECMP community) who are more then willing to help and collaborate with you! Thanks for sharing

  2. Congrats! Pre-internship is such a great time, but it goes by way too quickly. Be sure to take the time to appreciate every moment. 🙂

  3. Good luck! Sounds like you’re doing great and the two ladies above have fantastic advice. Don’t stress too much! People DO NOT expect you to be perfect pre-internship is about learning. My co-op told me that pre-internship is the time to make mistakes fall flat on your face and learn! They’re to support and teach you and most of all… It really does fly by, and so does the rest of your ed program!! Take the time enjoy every moment! Good luck!

  4. Cindy Bear says:

    Thanks for the encouragement support ladies! The time is going by so fast, I can hardly keep up. I think trying to have everything perfect is what is taking time away from me enjoying the experience. I will try and slow down a little. Right after I finish my 2 lessons for tomorrow!!

  5. Brittany Sklar says:


    You are not the only one who has forgotten to eat while teaching before…

    Do you allow your students to make mistakes? Then, allow yourself to do the same!

    Only work as hard as you make your students work!

    Enjoy the rest of your preinternship!

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