Out of my teacher comfort zone….

I embarked on quite a challenge this week as I was with the chemistry, math and science teacher.  Mr. H. has 35+ years of teaching experience.  His teaching, classroom management and knowledge of each grade level subjects, simply amazed me.  The students respect every aspect of his teaching and by the end of the week, I was right there along with them!  I must admit that chemistry and math are not my strong points and this week most definitely proved that to me.  However, I do love biology and that is what I jumped into this week to do my lessons.  I really focused on my target of engaging every student.  Mr. H. told me that I have a positive presence in the classroom with the students.  He liked how I took time to listen to the students and speak with each one of them.  This is extremely important to me as a future high school teacher.

The week went by super fast with planning lessons and because I am at home trying to look after my family as well.  I am also trying to keep up with my ECMP 355 online class.  I definitely think the Health majors need to speak up for the future health students that follow us, on not being able to take a 5 class block of classes for pre-internship like all the other subject areas.  I did manage to catch the cold that is going around the school, even though my hands were covered in a hand sanitizer all week!.  One of the teachers said because we are working with kids all day our chances of catching germs and flu bugs is pretty high.  I spent most of the day flat on the couch, coughing and blowing my nose.

I am excited for my last week of pre-internship and working with the ELA, drama and fine arts teacher.  This has been such a great experience and the light at the end of the tunnel is brighter every day!  Have a great week everyone.

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8 Responses to Out of my teacher comfort zone….

  1. This is exciting! Keep learning alongside your co-operating teachers.
    As for getting sick, it happens to all of us! Just make sure to take time for yourself and don’t stress out too much.

  2. Sounds like you are having a great time; your excellent experiences are making me look forward to my pre-internship next winter!

    • Cindy Bear says:

      Yes, my pre-internship has been great. I really think that by experiencing different teachers and subjects I will be ready for a teaching job in any subject area. Good luck next winter!

  3. Lindsay Greve says:

    i think that you build up your immunity over time spent with kids. I never got sick through all of internship until I spent a day with Grade 1. Pre-internship is one of the most exhausting experiences I have every had because you are trying to balance full time teaching as well as regular classes. Good luck with the rest of the semester, sounds like you have had a great experience!

    • Cindy Bear says:

      Thanks Lindsay. I totally agree that pre-internship was exhausting! I have 4 children at home as well, so I was full time 24/7. The kids were great and the teachers were awesome!!

  4. jeremycroshaw says:

    It’s really cool that you get to work with someone so experienced, I bet they have a lot of tricks up their sleeves. Id be really interested to know what sorts of things you did as engagement activities in biology. Especially to hook those students who really just don’t want to be there.

  5. Cindy Bear says:

    Jeremy, Mr. H. was such a great teacher to learn from. As far as engagement activities, he used a lot of ‘old school’ activities. We were looking at cells (onion, cheek) and then looked beyond that, individual blood cells. The kids were so into it. Mr. H. told me that if you make the learning about them, they will invest more effort into their learning. He was so right. He encouraged every student in the classroom, even more so, the ones that were trying to hang back.

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