Time flies when you are having fun………pre-internship complete!!

Wow, did that go by fast!  I really enjoyed my pre-internship experience.  Not only was I home to enjoy my family, I was lucky enough to have my pre-internship close to where I live.  I know that I will be teaching in a rural school and that is why I felt it was important to have my pre-internship experience in a rural school.  The schools may have lower numbers than the high schools in the city, but you can’t beat the experience of a small community school.

I worked with three great teachers for my pre-internship and I believe this is what made it such a great learning experience for me.  I was in classes that were my major (health) and minor (social studies), but I was also in the high school math, science, drama and visual arts classes.  I know that when I am applying for jobs in the future my chances of teaching in my subject areas in a rural school are extremely low.  I see the need for a well-rounded teacher in the rural communities.  However, in saying this, I do know where my limits are when it comes to feeling comfortable enough with certain subject areas and teaching those to a class of teenagers.  You have to know your stuff, make it interesting and enjoy what you are teaching.

Now that pre-internship is complete I am looking forward to completing the semester, taking spring/summer classes and doing my internship in the fall.  Don’t worry, I got this!!


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4 Responses to Time flies when you are having fun………pre-internship complete!!

  1. Sam says:

    Hey Cindy,
    Congrats on finishing your pre-internship! I know that mine was a great learning experience, and it seems as though your was too. Do you plan on doing your internship in another small community or trying a city school? Thanks for sharing,

  2. Cindy says:

    Thanks Sam. Yes, I will be returning to a small community for my internship. My 4 children and husband are patiently waiting for this to be all done, me too!! Good luck in your internship as well.

  3. danarempel says:

    It’s great to hear that you had a great time and it fit so well with your personal life. That is certainly encouraging. Your major or minor not included, which was your least favourite and most favourite subject of the other ones you taught? I only got to teach my major in pre-internship but I imagine that you’d probably have some strong opinions on the other classes you observed or taught.

  4. Cindy Bear says:

    Hi Dana, I really enjoyed the drama class that I was in and really didn’t enjoy the chemistry or math!! I did get to see how well rounded a teacher must be in a rural school. The school I was at is in desperate need of a math and science teacher. The science (biology) I can handle, but the math would be a long shot!! Enjoy your internship in the fall!!

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