Teaching Philosophy

I want to be a positive mentor to my students by allowing them to have a respectful, fun, caring and safe environment in the classroom.

There are numerous reasons that make me a unique teacher. My compassion, patience, and equality for all students is very important to me. I enjoy working with children and have experienced this first hand with my own four children. I understand the curiosity children have about the world and learning new things. The excitement that children naturally bring to all learning experiences allows myself as a teacher to benefit and learn from them as well. It is extremely important for students to accept the diversity of their peers that surround them and accept them for who they are. I want to have laughter in my classroom and an excitement of learning that will inspire the students and take this  home and continue on into the community.

All students have their own individual style of learning. It is my responsibility as a teacher to figure out each students individual learning needs and explore what learning techniques will benefit them. Positive reinforcement allows students to learn with confidence and to be able to understand their mistakes and learn from them. I believe that all students have the ability to learn. I plan on setting high expectations for each one of them. The students need to learn that they can achieve their goals and be proud and excited about their work at the same time.

I feel that there are many concepts needed to be an effective teacher. The need to inspire students to learn is a key element in being an effective teacher. I want all students to be included in the learning process. Each student has ideas that they would like to be heard. I want to involve the students in the classroom by allowing them input on the expectations of them during class. My passion for the outdoors and the health of ourselves and the environment will inspire the students to appreciate others around them and the state of our surroundings. I believe that organization is the key to any teachers’ success and shows the students the need for these skills in life beyond their school years. I have personally benefited from organizational learned in high school.

My teaching method explores a variety of methods that ultimately compliment each other when brought together. I will encourage the students to explore different ideas and think outside of the box. An active approach to conducting their experiments will develop a higher-level of thinking. I also believe that classroom discussion allows for students to voice their own opinions while listening to others. The need for pre-assessment of all students is needed to determine if lessons or assignments need to be modified for various learning exceptionalities. Having a variety of group, individual and hands on learning allows a wide range of learning for all students in the class. Involving the curriculum towards real life situations allows students to take this knowledge and apply it outside of the classroom. In order to assess students I believe group projects, take home assignments to involve parents, creativity, participation, behaviour, and post-assessement improvement should also be considered.

My goal in teaching is to have a positive relationship with all my students and have fun learning with them. Most importantly, I want my students to know that I truly care about their future accomplishments as they continue to explore their lives ahead of them.


One Response to Teaching Philosophy

  1. A good start to your teaching philosophy! Revisit this during and after internship to see how it changes and evolves. One thing to include would be a more specific statement on what you see as the goal of education. Also, think about how you can back up your philosophy by linking to lessons or articles that support what you’re saying and show that you are actively living out this philosophy in the classroom.

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